Our Story

S Y CLOTHING is a sole proprietorship, Founded in 2017 by Mother Yasmin and daughter Adeeba khan. Allahabad-based Glitter Choli is an Home-grown, customisable clothing brand.

Adeeba being a software developer was always moved by the beauty and glamour of the Indian textile Industry thus she started her journey to bring the best of South Asian fashion at every Indian’s doorstep. .

Her biggest inspiration was her mother having more than 25 years of experience in sewing, making clothes for her and friends. Soon she realised her mom’s skill was the perfect fit for Glittercholi.

While Adeeba takes care of sourcing the fabrics, deciding on the final designs, and marketing, her mother looks into the execution and the stitching..

Everything from design, production to sales is handled entirely in-house at the Glitter Choli warehouse located in Allahabad…

“watching her mother getting appreciation from all over the globe keeps her going”

About Us

We focus on creating practical outfits while keeping all the chic drama alive! Keeping it quirky yet traditional is what all we want.
Glitter Choli is growing leaps and bounds internationally and has created a loyalist fan base across the globe. We’ve a great passion instilled in us to create Picture-Perfect outfits at affordable prices. Our team believes in culture as much as learning through observation of ongoing trends over Facebook and Instagram.

Why us?We are one of the most affordable brands you’ll find.Laser-sharp focus on Design, Trends, Fit & Form.We customize outfits on special request keeping budget in mind.Our "effortless essentials" helps you to utilize your old expensive garment by mixing and matching it with new Blouse/ Skirt /Dupatta to create a fresh look.We’re dedicated to our customers, and will go to great lengths to ensure that they’re satisfied with the purchase.Bulk sourcing is available on request.